No Justice No Peace Hero

Our Focus

We bring impactful, precedent-setting cases to trial in targeted areas of economic and social justice and equity. Working alongside grassroots community partners, with guidance from academic advisors and trial litigators, we identify and pursue challenging and important cases against governmental, corporate, and other actors that are harming communities. 

The carceral state negatively affects not only those incarcerated–but also their family members, the communities they live in, and those who were incarcerated or targeted by police. As we grow and expand, our cases will increasingly recognize those intersections. Our cases will address the effects of the carceral system on the economic justice, housing security, and voting rights of the communities and individuals we serve. Our work will also recognize the unique vulnerabilities that certain communities–especially immigrants, members of the LGBTQ+ community, and Native Americans–face as a result of the carceral system.