Social Justice Legal Foundation Hero

Fearless Trial Litigators Pursuing Justice and Intensive Learning.

Our Mission

Our startup nonprofit is driven by a dual mission: We train the next generation of civil rights lawyers, and we bring impactful and precedent-setting trial cases to fight oppression in the carceral system and beyond. We work closely with leading trial litigators, academics, and our grassroots, community, and movement partners to develop and lead our cases–and to intensively train our fellows. We leverage our independence and upstart momentum to bring aggressive and hard fought cases in under resourced areas of California and around the country.

Why We Are Different

As a novel organization fueled by our fellows, we bring fresh perspectives to some of the most intractable issues. We are trial lawyers with grit, who are not afraid to take risks, and fight hard. Our private sector backing gives us the freedom to address communities’ most pressing needs, and provide rigorous training for our fellows. We collaborate with law schools across the country, including Columbia, Howard, Northwestern, Stanford, UCLA, and Yale law schools to identify pressing legal issues and to mentor and develop a new generation of trial lawyers in the public sector. We leverage the experience of our staff attorneys, trial attorneys from leading public interest organizations, to mentor the next generation of courtroom titans advancing justice.

In Collaboration With

Academic partners from top law schools throughout the nation, as well as grassroots and community led movements.