Private Enterprise Support for Public Good.

Our Mission

We seek to create a new model for advancing social justice by focusing on groundbreaking trial work and innovative collaboration across private, public and academic sectors. Our trial lawyers, veterans of historic cases, work closely with the next generation of leaders in the law to prevail in the nation’s most impactful, precedent-setting cases.

Why We Are Different

We seek to combine private sector entrepreneurship, public interest issue expertise, and elite academic resources to bring a fresh approach to curating and pursuing trial work in support of social justice and equity. We partner with Columbia, Northwestern, Stanford, UCLA, and Yale law schools to identify pressing legal issues and to mentor and develop a new generation of trial lawyers in the public sector. And we seek to collaborate with other social justice organizations and bar associations to take the toughest and most important cases to trial. Finally, we leverage the experience of our staff attorneys, trial lawyers, leading public interest organizations, and veterans of historic cases, to mentor the next generation of courtroom titans advancing justice.