Our Causes

Our focus is to bring to trial the nation’s most impactful, precedent-setting cases in targeted areas of economic and social justice and equity. To address evolving societal crises, the Social Justice Legal Foundation will rotate primary areas of attention every two years from among the following initial areas, adding new cases to its existing docket. SJLF’s cases and focus areas will be informed by its executive leadership, academic partners, other social justice organizations, and Fellows:

Economic Justice

Action areas include targeting predatory lenders to end predatory financial services; actions against local governments which assess outsized fines and against profiteering private companies charging excessive fees for court-ordered services.

Housing/Homeless Discrimination

Action areas include combating discrimination in housing and working to end unfair policies that lead to the criminalization of unhoused individuals.

LGBTQ+ Rights

Action areas include ensuring the parental rights of LGBTQ+ people; protecting the right to proper medical treatment and safe housing for transgender prisoners; ensuring equal and equitable treatment in public life and industry.

Immigrant Justice

Action areas include rectifying systemic detention center abuse and discriminatory and abusive behavior by federal and local law enforcement.

Native American Discrimination

Action areas include evolving sovereignty issues, violence against indigenous women, protection of land rights, and economic exploitation by financial institutions.

Voting Rights

Action areas include expanding access to the ballot, to include challenging vote-by-mail restrictions.

Criminal Justice Reform

Action areas include challenging unconstitutional, inhumane prison conditions.